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Sonari Community Center organizes karate camp and voter awareness campaign in Jamshedpur

The Jharkhand Goju Ryu Karate Do Association organized a two-day camp to empower young athletes.

The event focused on skills development and emphasized the importance of voter participation.

JAMSHEDPUR – At Sonari Community Center, Jharkhand Goju Ryu Karate Do Association held a two-day training camp, where over 100 karate enthusiasts gathered for skill building and empowerment.

The event included a voter awareness campaign, informing participants over the age of 18 about their democratic rights.

District Sports Officer Anivesh Tripathi, CDPO Durgesh Nandani and District Cooperative Officer Asha Topo attended the camp and highlighted its importance for community development.

Lead instructor Kyoshi L Nageshwar Rao guided the participants through martial arts techniques.

DSP S Vardhan, Akram Raza and other officials distributed certificates to honor the children’s dedication.

Special attention was paid to empowering girls with self-defense training, promoting gender equality and safety.

Ghatshila Sub-Divisional Officer Unika Sharma, Executive Officers Aman Kumar and Satyendra Kumar, and coaches Sarju Ram, Neeraj Kumar and Priyabrata Dutta were also present.

This event encouraged community involvement and promoted both skill development and community involvement among the youth of Jamshedpur.