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Surfer deaths in Mexico: Girlfriend shares victim’s last voicemail

  • By Bernd Debusmann Jr
  • BBC News, Washington

Image source, Instagram/@Callum10Robinson

Image caption, Callum Robinson had played on the Australian national lacrosse team

The girlfriend of an Australian surfer murdered in Mexico received a heartbreaking voicemail shortly before his death, she has revealed.

Callum Robinson, 33, was traveling with his brother Jake and an American friend, Jack Carter Rhoad, when the trio were murdered near the city of Ensenada.

A Mexican man has been charged in their disappearance and has reportedly confessed.

Authorities believe the victims died while resisting a robbery.

Taking to Instagram, Callum’s girlfriend Emily Horwath shared the final voicemail he left her, which started with the words: “happy Tuesday! Good morning”.

“It’s 11:11 PM and all I’m thinking about is you. I just wanted to drop you a line and say hello,” Callum said. “I hope you’re having a phenomenal start to your day.”

“I feel a big grin on your face today for some reason,” he added. “I hope you are full of positivity and smiles.”

Ms Horwath captioned the Instagram story with the words “I’ll repeat this”.

According to Mexican authorities, the bodies of the Robinson brothers and Mr. Rhoad were found six days after their disappearance on April 27, each with a gunshot wound to the head.

A fourth body found in the same area had been there for some time and is believed to be unrelated to the case.

On Wednesday, a suspect in the case – known as ‘El Kekas’ – appeared in court on kidnapping charges. Mexican authorities have said murder charges will also be filed in the case.

The suspect, who under Mexican law can only be described by his first name, Jesús Gerardo, was arrested along with his girlfriend and another man.

On Wednesday, the girlfriend — who has not yet been charged with a crime — said in court that Jesús came to her house on April 28 and confessed to killing “three gringos.”

“I killed them,” she said he told her.

The crime, near the well-worn tourist and surfer town of Ensenada, has shocked the community, long considered an oasis of calm in the notoriously violent state of Baja California.

Protesters, some carrying surfboards with slogans demanding more be done to ensure safety on local beaches, marched through the city on Sunday.