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Janet Devlin releases brand new song ‘Emotional Rodeo’

Janet Devlin returns with fiery force in her latest single ‘Emotional Rodeo’, marking her long-awaited comeback. Devlin delves deep into the heart of country rock and seamlessly combines her Irish charm with the raw intensity of the genre.

The song explodes with unbridled energy, propelled by driving guitars, thundering drums and the spirited wail of a violin – a nod to her early roots in a Ceilidh band. Devlin’s authenticity shines through as she shares her struggles with fear of abandonment and the highs and lows of living with BPD, inviting listeners to find solace in her music.

In addition to his musical prowess, “Emotional Rodeo” serves as a reflection of Devlin’s own journey, courageously navigating the waters of borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. Through candid lyrics and infectious melodies, she captures the rollercoaster of emotions that come with loving deeply while battling inner demons.

Recorded at Nashville’s prestigious Blackbird Studio, ‘Emotional Rodeo’ is just a taste of what’s to come from Devlin’s upcoming album of the same name. The excitement is buzzing as fans eagerly await the full release, which will showcase her versatility as an artist and her seamless transition into the realm of country music. With her magnetic stage presence and relentless resilience, Devlin once again proves why she is a beacon of inspiration in the music industry.

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