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Denis Villeneuve was ‘blown away’ by this 97% rated western: watch it on Netflix

Despite being most recognized as the master of science fiction, the Dune director is actually an all-rounder, given his well-constructed drama and thriller chops. His film recommendations will therefore be of great value to cinephiles.

Villeneuve criticized MCU’s straightforward approach to blockbusters and emphasized the rightness of the decision to hire an arthouse filmmaker to direct Eternals in 2021. While talking about it, he recalled another work by this director, the 2017 western, that blew him away the first time. time he saw it, amazed by its realism.

The plot of the film can seem quite banal just hearing it: it follows the life of a young rodeo rider on the reservation in South Dakota. He is not at all a typical hero, like Clint Eastwood’s early characters, but rather a tired man, who himself has to deal with severe brain damage from a…