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Cooper DeJean reveals Caitlin Clark’s reaction to his claim that he beat her one-on-one

The University of Iowa has been well represented in recent professional drafts, as Iowa football star Cooper DeJean was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in April, and of course, Iowa women’s basketball phenom Caitlin Clark was the first pick in the WNBA Draft. Clark was the best player in women’s basketball last year and she is truly changing the game of women’s basketball. Clark now plays for the Indiana Fever.

Although football is Cooper DeJean’s sport, he recently said he thinks he could beat Caitlin Clark in a one-on-one basketball game. DeJean played basketball in high school and his highlights are making the rounds on social media, and he can certainly play. But good enough to beat one of the best shooters ever?

Cooper DeJean recently appeared on Op & Adams and talked about his bold claim with Kay Adams. Adams doesn’t think DeJean would beat Clark in a one-on-one game, and DeJean said Clark texted him about it as well. Here is the exchange they had.

Cooper DeJean: You obviously know Caitlin is a special player. She has done so much for women’s basketball and the University of Iowa in general, so I have nothing but respect for her. You know, she shot me after she texted me and said she doesn’t think I can beat her. I’ll let her say that, but yeah, I mean, I think it would be fun if we played together.

Kay Adams: Do you think you could beat her?

Cooper DeJean: Yeah, I mean, you think I couldn’t do that?

Kay Adams: No, I don’t

Cooper DeJean: I mean, I played basketball.

Kay Adams: Oh shoot, they run your highlights, oh shoot, oh wait, I didn’t know all this, let’s see. Okay, let’s talk, give me your side of it, I’ve seen a lot of highlights from Caitlin. I haven’t seen yours, talk me through it, oh snap.

Cooper DeJean: I mean, I can obviously jump a little bit, as you can see from these highlights. I also got a little jump, I really wanted to play basketball when I went to high school, I wanted to play basketball in college, but it didn’t work out. I stuck with football, football was probably the better option for me.

Kay Adams: So Caitlin wrote you back and said there was no chance, so when do we play this out, when does this happen?

Cooper DeJean: I don’t know that she’s quite busy right now, so I don’t know if we’re going to do that.

Iowa defenseman Cooper DeJean (3) catches a kick at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023, in Iowa City.  DeJean returned the kick for a touchdown and it was later called back after the review ruled he had taken the kick fairly.
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Caitlin Clark vs. Cooper DeJean would be fun to watch

As newcomers to the pros, Clark and DeJean have a lot on their plate right now, so it’s unlikely we see this one-on-one matchup fail. Clark is especially busy as the WNBA season gets underway right after the draft ends. Clark and the Fever have already started preseason and their regular season will start here soon as well.

DeJean will be busy camping this summer to prepare for his rookie season as well, but hopefully they can carve out some time so we can see this matchup between Iowa legends.