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WWE in talks with UFC’s Derrick Lewis

WWE is in talks with UFC’s Derrick Lewis and the two sides have been speaking for a few months.

Lewis, who will headline UFC on ESPN 56 on May 11 from St. Louis, Missouri, was asked at a press conference if he could appear in WWE after the TKO merger.

“What’s the TKO? Oh yeah, yeah. We’re in talks right now. We’ve been talking for a few months now. I was going to go there in February and check it all out,” said Lewis.

If he were to appear on WWE programming, the 39-year-old would use the Stinkface as his finisher.

“Um, it should be something like Rikishi, you know?… Maybe you’ll see. Somehow I like taking off my shorts. So maybe we’ll see something like that. Yeah,” he added.

Lewis has a record of 27-12-0 in MMA and has been fighting in the UFC since 2014. He holds the record for most knockouts in UFC history with 14.

WWE officially merged with UFC to form TKO Group Holdings in September 2023. WWE President Nick Khan has previously hinted that a career path for UFC fighters would be to work with WWE after they retire.

H/T POST Wrestling