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‘Our water is cleaner than your golf swing’🏌️🌊🀣 Galveston claps back at Charles Barkley after he criticized their beaches

Drake and Kendrick WHO!?

This beef between Charles Barkley and the city of Galveston is the only beef we need to talk about!

‘Dirty-@%$ Galveston Beaches’!?😱 BeyoncΓ©’s Mom, Tina Knowles, Schools Charles Barkley and Shaq After Dissing The Island

Last week, TNT Sportscasters Charles “Chuck” Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal dispossessed the city of Galveston after the New Orleans Pelicans were swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Chuck and Shaq spent part of their show trashing the Pelicans, saying they might as well start planning their summer vacation after such a tough loss.

Cancun was pitched as the best possible place for the players to go. Then they quickly changed their minds by suggesting a more modest option closer to home.

β€œWe’re not even sending them to Cancun. We send them to Galveston, where that dirty water washes up on the shore,” Barkley said. β€œWe’re not sending you all to Cancun, you’re all driving your @%$, you’re all quitting. Drive your @%$ to Galveston. We’re sending them @%$ to Galveston, Texas, right where that dirty water washed up on the beach, they can’t even get in the water.”

After the clip went viral on social media, dozens of billboards went up on I-45, with shots fired directly at Barkley.

The digital billboards read: ‘Our water is cleaner than your golf swing’, And, “Hey Charles, you’ve never turned down any of our delicious food.”

Another billboard read: ‘Hey Karel! Come down, the water’s fine. Love, Galveston.”

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