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Everything about his son and deceased daughter

George Strait loves his children – Jenifer and George “Bubba” Strait Jr. – close to his heart.

After the country star and his wife Norma Strait eloped in 1971, they immediately started a family. George and Norma welcomed their daughter Jenifer in 1972 and their son Bubba followed in 1981. Sadly, Jenifer died at the age of 13 in a car accident in San Marcos, Texas.

Although he did not withdraw from the public eye, George chose not to give interviews for years after his daughter’s death. “I just kind of shut down,” George said The New Yorker in 2017. “I just didn’t feel like talking about it, so I stopped doing interviews.”

However, his musical output remained prolific and the country music star would go on to write with his son. Like his father, Bubba loves rodeo and became a professional roper after graduating from Texas A&M University. When he retired from roping, he stayed in another family business: music.

Bubba has co-written a number of songs with his father, including the hits ‘Here For a Good Time’, ‘Living For the Night’ and ‘Let It Go’.

“I’m so proud that he showed interest in the music world,” George said USA today from his son in 2015. “For a long time he didn’t do that. His focus was on rodeo. That was all he wanted to do. Once he decided to move on, he decided to go into music. He took it quite seriously and pushed me to start writing songs again.”

Bubba and the entire Strait family have long supported “The King of Country.” In one memorable moment, he joined his father on stage during the final stop of George’s final tour, The Cowboy Rides Away Tour, in 2014. George and Bubba performed their duet “Arkansas Dave,” which the younger Strait performed with his father wrote.

Here’s everything you need to know about George Strait’s kids: Jenifer and George “Bubba” Strait Jr.

Jenifer Lyn Street

George Strait with his wife Norman and their children.
George Strait Instagram

George and Norma welcomed their first child, Jenifer Lyn Strait, on October 6, 1972.

A handful of years after the “Unwound” singer first rose to fame, Jenifer died in a car accident on June 25, 1986 at the age of 13. According to United Press International, she was in a speeding vehicle that rolled over when it tried to move. was making a turn and she was not wearing a seatbelt.

Although George continued to work and release music after Jenifer’s death, he avoided speaking to reporters for years. Yet he mentioned his older child when he shared a list of blessings with PEOPLE in 2012.

“We were blessed to spend 13 years with our beautiful daughter Jenifer,” he said.

Her memory lives on in George’s work: while he hasn’t confirmed that his 1988 No. 1 hit ‘Baby Blue’ is a tribute to his late daughter, he revealed that his 2005 song ‘You’ll Be There’ was him reminded me of Jennifer.

“I’m a religious person,” he said Shreveport Times in 2007. ‘I truly believe we will see each other in heaven one day. I wanted to do the song badly.”

He continued, “The writer, Cory Mayo, put that song out there because he knew I wanted to do it, and he waited for me to get the chance. It was nice of him to do that.”

George founded the nonprofit Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation in 1987. According to 101.5 KNUE Country Radio, the foundation is funded by private donations from the family’s friends and family. fans and proceeds will go to local children’s charities in San Antonio.

George Street Jr.

George Strait and his son George “Bubba” Strait Jr. perform on stage at George Strait’s ‘The Cowboy Rides Away Tour’ on June 7, 2014 in Arlington, Texas.

Rick Diamond/Getty

George Strait Jr., known by his nickname Bubba, was born on May 14, 1981.

After starting a competitive rodeo career while attending Texas A&M University, he became a roper for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, according to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Bubba went on to compete in several events, including the 22nd Annual George Strait Team Roping Classic 2004. He roped for a few years until he nearly cut off his index finger when it became tangled in “a wayward loop,” according to The New Yorker.

The love of rodeo runs deep in the Strait family: George led the aforementioned Team Roping Classic for 35 seasons, ending the annual event in 2017. He said more than ten years earlier The Team Roping Journal That team roping was his passion, and his greatest achievement in the sport was ‘winning’ with his son.

“Watching my son win a ropes competition, or even just watching him compete, is the greatest feeling in the world. I’m sure I’m a lot more nervous than he is just watching,” George said. “Bubba and I have been lucky enough to win a few buckles together, and that, my friends, is the ultimate.”

Although he has stayed out of the spotlight, Bubba is also in the music business. A young Bubba’s voice is heard on “Heartland,” the opening song from George’s 1992 film Pure countryand as an adult he has co-written songs with his father, including “Living For the Night” and “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” both part of the 2009 release. Twang.

Bubba also co-wrote the songs for George’s next four studio albums: 2011 Here for a good time2013 Love is all, 2015 Cold beer conversationand that of 2019 Honky Tonk time machine.

“Bubba really got me writing again. That was a great experience for me, seeing him grow and blossom as a songwriter,” George told PEOPLE. “He loves it, he plays guitar and he is doing very well. It was a great blessing to work with him at this stage of my career.”

In 2014, Bubba joined his father on stage in Arlington, Texas, for a performance during the final stop of George’s two-year The Cowboy Rides Away Tour. The father-son duo performed “Arkansas Dave,” a song Bubba wrote solo. George stopped touring after the show, which was filmed for CMT’s George Strait: The cowboy rides away special live concert.

Tamara Strait, Bubba Strait, Harvey Strait, George Strait and Norma Strait as George Strait will be honored as Texan of the Year on March 23, 2018 in New Braunfels, Texas.
R. Diamond/Getty

The younger Strait has also accompanied his father to red carpet events, including the 2007 Country Music Hall of Fame Medallion Ceremony, the 44th annual Academy Of Country Music Awards’ Artist of the Decade event in 2009, where George was honored, and the 50th Annual ASCAP Country Music Awards in Nashville in 2012.

Bubba doesn’t have a social media presence, but his wife, real estate agent Tamara Strait, often shares photos of the couple on Instagram. The two have been together since meeting in 2005 at a San Antonio Spurs game, where Tamara was a Silver Dancer, according to a biography.

Bubba and Tamara got engaged in 2010 and later married in December. They share two children, George “Harvey” Strait III, born in 2012, and Jilliann Louise Strait, born in 2016.

“Marriage is the hardest job (right before parenthood) I’ve ever had. It is not always easy,” Tamara wrote on Instagram in 2023. “But I am the luckiest girl to have a man who loves me no matter how crazy I am… who supports me in my work and, most importantly, grows with me in faith. side of me.”

Harvey took the stage with his grandfather at the 2019 Houston Rodeo Show — the pair sang George’s song “God and Country Music” together — and both of Bubba’s children, along with Tamara and Norma, attended Game 6 of the 2022 World Series at. George was wearing a Houston Astros hat and jersey when he made the play ball call with Harvey by his side.

“My grandson played drums for a while and will probably get back into it at some point, but right now it’s baseball for him plus hunting and fishing,” George said. Cowboys & Indians in 2022. “I’ve heard a little song from my granddaughter every now and then. She sounded pretty good. It’s way too early to predict anything like that, but I’ll encourage them in whatever they decide to do.”

Bubba still resides in the Lone Star State and lives with his family in the San Antonio area.