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Jaelynn Anthony, Oswego, softball, sophomore – Shaw Local

Name: Jaelynn Anthony

School: Oswego, sophomore

Sport: Softball

Why she was selected: Anthony struck out nine in a 13-2 win over Plainfield South, hit two three-run homers and had six RBIs in a 14-4 win over Plainfield East, struck out six and allowed zero earned runs over six innings in a 2- 3 win. 1 loss to Lincoln-Way East.

She was elected Athlete of the Week via an online vote. Here is her interview with sports editor Joshua Welge.

You had a great season, both with the bat and pitching. Anything specific you are most proud of?

Anthony: My goal this year was to improve on my stats from last year and hit 60 mph while pitching, which I accomplished with the help of my pitching coach Jill Waldron. I’m also proud to lead my conference in strikeouts and have the second-lowest ERA. For hitting, I have already beaten my seven home runs from last year, I am currently at nine. Finally, I strive to support my team no matter what, both in the circle and in the box, and I like to think I do that.

How did you start playing softball?

Anthony: My neighbor/friend played in our local rec league (OBSA) and asked me to join because she thought it would be fun!

It seems that you are very enthusiastic and energetic when you play the game. Where does that come from?

Anthony: Like everyone always says when it comes to me…”Jae is just Jaelynn.” I’ve always played loose and at my best when I’m being my crazy self and having fun. When people try to take me too seriously, it never ends well for me. I have always been a positive and energetic person with a lot of love for the game of softball and my teammates! For people who don’t know me it might be a bit much, but for those who do know me it would be weird if I wasn’t crazy.

Have you ever practiced other sports? What about softball stuck?

Anthony: I first tried dance, then gymnastics, basketball, and then softball. I had fun with it all, but I definitely found my natural talent in softball. Besides, my mother always played. My parents both played college sports, so being an athlete came naturally.

Do you have any game day routines or superstitions?

Anthony: I always listen to music before a match to improve my mood and I always put on my socks first. I also tend to talk about and to myself in the third person.

Do you have any players at the next level that you are excited to watch?

Anthony: I like watching Northwestern’s Ashley Miller and Oklahoma’s Tiare Jennings.

Outside of softball, what is your favorite TV show or movie?

Anthony: I like watching “Grey’s Anatomy” and a movie “Moana.”