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Bully Ray’s plan to increase WWE Champ’s credibility

Cody Rhodes’ ascension to WrestleMania 40 and his victory over Roman Reigns was one of the most highly anticipated stories in modern wrestling, with the champion catapulted into the spotlight as the face of the promotion.

But according to insights shared by Bully Ray on ‘Busted Open Radio’, WWE may have untapped potential to further strengthen Rhodes’ position. To make his point, Bully pointed out the infrequency with which Reigns defended his title during his extended reign, which brought back memories of the “Attitude Era” when championship defenses were common on weekly shows.

“Fans are eager to see the World Heavyweight Championship defended. Imagine tuning into ‘Monday Night Raw’ or ‘SmackDown’ and knowing that the main event will see Cody Rhodes put his title on the line this Monday or this Friday,” Bully commented.

He expressed surprise as to why such a scenario seems out of reach.

Title defense and Rhodes’ credibility

Bully admitted that such rigorous title defenses are unprecedented in other combat sports, noting that even UFC champions don’t defend their titles on a monthly basis.

Nevertheless, he claimed that weekly defenses could further boost Rhodes’ credibility. “Imagine the impact if Cody Rhodes declared, ‘I know I’m not obligated to defend my championship every week, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do!’” he mused.

Interestingly, Rhodes has already shown his willingness to defend his title at house shows several times, in addition to his recent clash against AJ Styles at Backlash, suggesting a possible alignment with Bully’s perspective.

The idea of ​​Rhodes regularly engaging in title defenses not only underlines his commitment to upholding the prestige of the championship, but also serves to engage and excite fans on a consistent basis, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

If these sentiments resonate with fans, it could prompt WWE to reconsider its approach to championship participation and scheduling. For more insights, credit “Busted Open Radio,” with a nod to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.