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How hockey helps Tristan Stubbs be a better cricketer

Proteas and Delhi Capitals star Tristan Stubbs has revealed that a background in field hockey has helped him be a better batsman.

Stubbs has shown a dazzling array of shots in this season’s IPL.

How hockey helps Tristan Stubbs

He says that he gets the technique from a base as a hockey player.

“I got the basics from hockey,” said Stubbs on the broadcast of the latest IPL match he was involved in.

“I practice them a lot. The way I turn my hands for the spin and seem is like I’m holding a hockey stick. Both feet getting down low, I think definitely come from there (hockey).”

Stubbs played a key role in his side’s recent victory over high-flying Rajasthan Royals.

He gave them another big finish with his skillful hitting.

Stubbs is showing that he can play rapid knocks under great pressure.

“We came here knowing we needed to win, and win the next two as well,” said Stubbs.

He had little time to get in but used the time at the crease to blast 41 off 20 balls.

“I came in and looked to give myself a few balls (to adjust), I was batting with Rish (Rishabh Pant) and when he went out we took a timeout. The plan was for me to keep knocking it around until the last three overs, and I saw there was an over where I could take it on, and I got my rhythm.

“I looked at the field and kind of got an idea of ​​what was going to come. I just wanted to keep still and look towards the sight screen and react to wherever the ball comes from.”

Making waves

Stubbs has impressed former Proteas star Robin Peterson with his physical gifts and his clever cricket.

“Physically, he’s a big guy,” Peterson told ESPNcricinfo. “The thing which stands out about him is the ability to hit sixes, and his bat speed. It has just been about chatting how to manipulate the field – like play your reverse sweep, and get the sweeper a little finer. Then your extra-cover shot, your back-foot shot or you can play the spin off the front foot to extra cover.”

Peterson also noted those fast hands which Stubbs attributes to his hockey background.

“He reads length well,” Peterson said of Stubbs. “There are sweeps and reverse sweeps, and he always has a plan B to fall back on. He has the ability to manipulate, and he has got fast hands.”