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UFC Fight Pass Invitational 7 Full Preview

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 7 is scheduled for May 15, 2024, and we’ve put together a full preview of every match taking place during the event. The line-up consists of 14 elite competitors who will compete against each other in a series of matches, all leading up to the evening’s main event. The main event is the biggest match the promotion can book as it features the only two outright Grand Prix champions they have ever crowned. Nicky Rodriguez and Mason Fowler will battle it out to determine who is the ultimate outright champion of the UFC Fight Pass Invitational, and the other seven matches before that will be equally entertaining.

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 7 Full Preview

Nicky Rodriguez vs. Mason Fowler

Nicky Rodriguez and Mason Fowler are the only two outright champions the promotion has ever crowned and there is a lot at stake for both men as they will also both compete in the under 99kg division at ADCC 2024. Rodriguez will certainly be the favorite as he has achieved higher levels of success in the past, with two ADCC silver medals to his name already. However, Fowler is no slouch and he has defeated some truly elite competitors in the past, so he has the ability to pick up a win no matter what.

Kaynan Duarte vs. Luke Griffith

Kaynan Duarte is a two-time ADCC World Champion and when you look at his extensive career, it’s easy to forget that he’s only 26 years old. Luke Griffith has been an up-and-coming competitor for a while, but he’s actually only 2 years younger than Duarte. With a huge advantage in experience and a higher level of past performance, Duarte should be a heavy favorite. There’s also the small matter of his recent shocking loss at Pit Submission Series 4 and while that could be the start of a rough patch for Duarte, he’ll likely come into this excited to get back in the win column.

Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Gabriel Arges

Giancarlo Bodoni is an elite wrestler and as the reigning ADCC Under 88kg World Champion, he would be the favorite in virtually every match he has booked. However, this still won’t be an easy match for Bodoni as Gabriel Arges is a multiple champion. -time winner of the IBJJF World Championship and he has defeated some of the best wrestlers in the world over the course of his career. Arges is also an ADCC veteran, so Bodoni will likely use this as preparation for defending his title at ADCC 2024, and if he comes in in good form he should take the win.

Renato Canuto vs. Aaron Wilson

Renato Canuto is known for having some of the best flying submissions in the entire sport and he has overwhelmed some fantastic grapplers with them. This gives him a great chance to finish someone in the opening seconds of a match and Aaron Wilson will have to be very alert from the start. However, Wilson is a great wrestler and if he can avoid that threat the match will likely be quite close, but Canuto should still be able to win.

Jacob Rodriguez vs Ronaldo Junior

This will probably be the most exciting match in this entire preview of UFC Fight Pass Invitational 7, although that’s usually the case for any match involving Jacob Rodriguez. He is known for his fast and wild wrestling style that produces countless highlights, but also means he is not a particularly consistent winner at the highest levels of the sport. Ronaldo Junior, on the other hand, won the IBJJF no gi world championship last year and although Rodriguez will push him to the limit, Junior is still the favorite to win.

Raquel Canuto vs. Aislinn O’Connell

Aislinn O’Connell is a solid competitor and she even won a Medusa Combat Jiu-Jitsu title early in her career, but this is some great matchmaking from the minds behind UFC Fight Pass Invitational. She will have a hard time beating an experienced black belt like Raquel Canuto, but she certainly has the skills needed to do so. The match is unlikely to end in submission as both women are very strong competitors, but O’Connell should still be able to find a way to win.

Piter Frank vs. Rafael Domingos

Piter Frank has had some big wins at BJJ Stars events lately and is known for putting on a show at the same time, so this match is definitely worth checking out. Last year he landed a smooth flying armbar against Caio Almeida and while Rafael Domingos will be a challenging opponent, he will be happy to approach this match with a similar appetite for risk. Frank has to be considered the favorite in this match, although with his style anything can happen and it wouldn’t be surprising if Domingos were to get the win.

Helena Crevar vs. Aurelie Le Vern

Helena Crevar has been one of the top talents in the sport for some time, but she is breaking through to the top level of the sport, especially after her huge win at the ADCC North American Trials earlier this year. However, she is not alone, as Aurelie Le Vern also managed to win exactly the same division during the ADCC European Trials this year. It will be an interesting match and a great test for both women as it gives fans the opportunity to see how well they could do at ADCC 2024. We’ll give Crevar a slight edge, but in reality that’s not the case. It won’t be an easy match at all and Le Vern can come away with the win if she comes out strong.

The full UFC Fight Pass Invitational 7 event can be watched live on UFC Fight Pass on May 15, 2024.