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Vince McMahon responded brazenly in five words when WWE megastar Randy Orton ‘begged’ for time off

Randy Orton has been a WWE mainstay for over two decades and is experiencing something of a renaissance under Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque.

Levesque took over on-screen at WWE earlier this year following the controversial departure of former chairman and owner Vince McMahon.

Few WWE stars have a resume like that of veteran Randy Orton, who is now back to his best in the ringCredit: WWE

Since then, the former King of Kings has experienced something of a boom for the company, with exciting events and record-breaking revenues.

Triple H and Orton are of course no strangers to each other; they were on-screen teammates about twenty years ago as part of the iconic Evolution Stable.

The Game’s in-ring career is largely over, but The Viper remains one of the company’s top performers.

He is also in the form of his life thanks to spinal surgery that has effectively saved his career.

The former Legend Killer has revealed that he almost quit when the old problem flared up, forcing him to spend an extended period away from the squared circle.

In the meantime, it’s all changed behind the scenes in WWE – and Orton says it’s for the better.

In a new interview, the chiseled veteran, who received a hero’s welcome at the recent Backlash: France Premium Live Event, says he feels “so great” and now has no plans to shorten his tenure.

That’s in stark contrast to the fears he had when he initially asked for a leave of absence from his previous boss, who hit back with a less-than-sympathetic response.

Randy Orton has aspirations of wrestling for several more years after successful major surgeryCredit: WWE

“If you had asked me two years ago, I would have thought it would have been close to the end,” Orton explained.

“But a year and a half ago I had a spinal fusion and that changed the situation. I had been in pain throughout my thirties. I was in pain.

“I begged for time off when I was 35 and I think Vince’s (response) to me was, ‘Mother Nature gets us all.’

“That’s hard to hear when you’re 35 and your back hurts and you’re doing your best for this company.”

Despite a storied career that has included fourteen world championship titles with WWE, Orton still has his eyes firmly on the future.

He just turned 44 and would like to continue working on it for a few more years.

He added: “There have been some changes and now I think instead of pushing guys and running their d**** into the ground until they fall apart, and they can’t do it anymore, there’s a great atmosphere to go to. : ‘Okay, how can we make this guy last?’

And the great thing about it is: I’m not even there yet. I feel so good after my surgery. I’m a full time guy.

Orton credits Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque for a culture change in WWECredit: WWE

“I don’t want to work part-time; I want to be on the road every week, doing all the TVs (television tapings) and PLEs.

“I would really like to be fifty. Maybe I’ll wrestle until I’m 50 and call it that, and that’s 30 years with the same company on top of it.”