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Heartbroken parents of tourists who died during a surfing trip in Mexico are speaking out

Heartbroken parents of tourists who died during a surfing trip in Mexico are speaking out

Featured image credits: Instagram/BBC

Callum and Jake Robinson’s parents have paid tribute to the Australian brothers since news of their deaths broke

The parents of two Australian brothers who went on a surfing trip in Mexico have spoken out following news of their deaths.

Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson and American tourist Jack Carter Rhoad went missing during a surfing trip in Mexico and were last heard from on April 27.

During their search for the tourists, police discovered bodies, three of which were confirmed to be those of Jake, Callum and Jack, and the Australian brothers’ parents have since paid tribute to their sons.

Brothers Robinson and Rhoad had been camping near the northern city of Ensenada and shared photos of their surfing trip on social media, but after failing to show up at their pre-planned accommodation, Callum and Jake’s mother Debra took to social media in care.

A search was launched by authorities and the bodies were later found in a well, with police revealing that each had a gunshot wound to the head.

Three people have been arrested in connection with an alleged attack, with one man already charged with ‘enforced disappearance’ and expected to be charged with the three murders, the BBC reports.

Since news broke that the three men had died and traveled to Mexico to identify their son’s bodies, the parents of the Australian brothers have paid tribute to them.

The Robinson brothers had been on a surfing trip (9News)

The Robinson brothers had been on a surfing trip (9News)

During a press conference in Ocean Beach, Martin and Debra Robinson reflected on the deaths of their sons.

Martin began by issuing a number of “major thank yous” to friends and family in both Australia and the US, in addition to “numerous” Australian government agencies and the Mexican ambassador in the embassy, ​​as well as Foreign Minister Wong.

Debra read a statement from the couple and continued, “It is with heavy news that Cal and Jake have been murdered. Our hearts are broken and the world has become a darker place for us.”

She then also acknowledged Rhoad’s death, noting that he was a “good friend” of the brothers, and of the trio of “young men, who enjoyed their passion for surfing together,” before reflecting on the lives of Callum and Jakes.

Debra said: “Callum was a sweet, larger than life character and considered the United States his second home, known as the ‘Big Koala’. He played professional lacrosse in the PLL and represented Australia at the world championships and always found time to play junior teams to coach.

American tourist Jack Carter Rhoad was also found (Facebook)

American tourist Jack Carter Rhoad was also found (Facebook)

“His brother Jake was a happy, gentle and compassionate soul who pursued a career in medicine. Jake’s passion was surfing and it was no coincidence that many of the hospitals he worked at were close to surfing beaches.

“Sadly he was also a tragic cricketer and traveled to England last year to watch the Aussies play. He loved to run or swim for miles after a hard day at work. He loved music, including live bands and festivals .”

The mother concluded: ‘Now it’s time to take them home to family and friends and to the waves of the ocean in Australia. Please live bigger, shine brighter and love even more in their memories. Thank you.’

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