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Colby Covington accuses Dustin Poirier of being a ‘fake nice guy’ and claims Conor McGregor has a son with wife Jolie

UFC title challenger Dustin Poirier is a 35-year-old loving family man who helps his community as much as he can through charity. However, that is not the real Dustin Poirier according to former teammate Colby Covington. “Chaos” has repeatedly stated that the persona Poirier has portrayed in front of the cameras is not the real person he is, and doubles down on it every chance it gets.

“Chaos” recently joined NFL star Maxx Crosby on his podcast “The Rush With Maxx Crosby.” During the podcast, Covington discussed a number of issues. He also named his top three trash talkers of all time, including Conor McGregor. While talking about McGregor, Covington insulted Dustin Poirier for being a fake nice guy, and also made some wild accusations. He said,

“And you see sometimes after the fight he’s rubbing it in Michael Chandler’s face like ‘oh yeah, what a b*ch.’ And then to Conor what he said to Conor. Like brother, that guy just made your career. He just made you the biggest paycheck and the biggest star you’ll ever be. You should thank that guy and use your damn lucky charms and do whatever he wants. I know your wife was in his DMs and Conor had a child with Jolie (Poirier’s wife).

Like most things Colby Covington says, this should also be taken with a grain of salt. There are no reports suggesting that Covington’s claims are remotely true. While Covington spends his time sharing his thoughts on various issues, another comment about another colleague’s wife has him potentially fighting on the same card as McGregor.

Colby Covington deals the same card as Conor McGregor at UFC 303?

The feud started when Covington challenged Garry, but instead of talking about him, used Instagram to talk a lot of parliamentary stuff about his wife, Layla Machado Garry. He also wanted to include a few contract provisions in the fight. Garry responded by inviting him to a WWE-style “I Quit” match.

In a video on social media, Garry said Covington was not America’s favorite fighter, but a “top underachiever”. In a rather scathing, though some call it cringe-inducing, Garry said:

“Whoever says ‘I quit’ has to retire, gloves off, in the middle of the Octagon, so to speak, my friend. I will be the final chapter in your legacy of failures. I’m going to rid the UFC of Colby Covington for good. I’m going to make MMA great again.”

Garry then took to social media to state that he was waiting for Covington to sign the contract, suggesting that the UFC had presented a contract that he had already signed.

However, in the same interview with Maxx Crosby, ‘Chaos’ stated that Garry was lying. He explained that he was never given a fight contract by the UFC for a fight with Ian Garry. The 36-year-old then stated that he would definitely fight before the end of this year.