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Charles Barkley confirms he would choose Isiah Thomas over Stephen Curry in a basketball game

The NBA has seen Stephen Curry take the league by storm over the past decade. His rise to superstardom, capturing four NBA championships, a Finals MVP award and cementing his place as the best shooter to ever play in the NBA is undeniable.

But even with such accomplishments and the argument that he would be the greatest point guard of all time, NBA legend Charles Barkley wouldn’t pick Curry if he had to pick a point guard in a basketball game. Instead, he turned to former Detroit Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas.

Thomas is not a braggart. He is a two-time champion, an NBA Finals MVP, a 12-time All-Star and the only player to defeat legends like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in the playoffs. In a scenario where you have to choose between Curry and Thomas, Barkley chooses the “Bad Boy.”

“If I was in a game, if I had to choose – and I love Steph Curry and I know people go on the internet because they don’t have a life – if I had to choose between Steph Curry and Isiah, I would be in a scenario I’d probably go with Isiah.’