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Andy Murray has ‘affected every tennis kid worldwide’, says Naomi Osaka, praising former world number 1 for his outspoken support of women’s tennis

Andy Murray is among a raft of top names set to retire at the end of this season, with the former world number 1 receiving heavy praise from another player who reached tennis’s pinnacle in Naomi Osaka.

So Murray’s impact is that Osaka said he has had an effect on every tennis kid worldwide during his career. Osaka also greatly admires the way he fights back after injuries and setbacks.

He is set to make his comeback in Geneva ahead of Roland Garros and has made a miraculous return after being on the shelf and not knowing if he would even return after his injury at the Miami Open. But in an effort to leave the sport on his own terms, he will return to action as soon as possible.

“To me, Murray is such a great guy, such a tough competitor. I think it’s really amazing that he loves tennis so much and that he keeps coming back. He’s had all these injuries. He’s ruthless in a way. Just his ability to continue to play games at a high level,” Osaka said.

“For me, when I think of him, when I think of the legacy he leaves on tennis, he obviously did a lot for British tennis or should I say British tennis.

I think seeing him play these great battles on TV as a kid influenced every tennis kid in the world.”

But it is also a legacy that encompasses a stance highly valued by female tennis players, with Murray one of the top stars to be outspoken in his support for WTA stars and the game in general.

“Yes, he’s been very vocal. I know all the tennis players and all the female athletes really appreciate it.”

Naomi Osaka says Andy Murray has influenced every tennis kid in the world and female athletes credit him for being outspoken in his support for women’s tennis. “I wanted to ask you about today where Andy Murray announced he’s launching his latest comeback. We think it will be…