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UFC veteran suggests Conor McGregor’s rant about Sean O’Malley may be driven by jealousy: ‘Kind of on fire’

Conor McGregor’s criticism of Ryan Garcia and Sean O’Malley for PED use didn’t seem particularly out of character for the Irishman. But many have since pointed out the alleged hypocrisy of the tweet, as McGregor himself has been accused of stirring things up. Meanwhile, Ben Askren has claimed that “jealousy” is the reason behind the now-deleted rant.

Askren appeared on Daniel Cormier’s YouTube channel and claimed that the infamous was jealous of O’Malley and that’s why he fired off a tweet the way he did.

McGregor is in the twilight of his UFC career, despite still being one of the promotion’s most recognized stars. A new era of champions has already taken over the business and it is widely believed that the Irishman may never make it to another title fight.

Askren suggested that “Mystic Macs “jealousy” The growing popularity of the new era of UFC champions caused him to mock and threaten ‘Suga’ride him like an ostrich“. ‘Funky’ also mentioned O’Malley’s “firework” performances in octagons made McGregor even more uncertain about his status in the UFC.

“There’s a distinct possibility that (McGregor) has a feeling of jealousy or something. Coz Sean (O’Malley) is kind of on fire.”

O’Malley was a follower of McGregor and previously appreciated him several times. However, the latter’s ‘X’ shots turned their relationship sour. O’Malley even went on air and said he wanted to witness “Iron” Chandler “sleep” McGregor in their upcoming UFC 303 encounter.

Regardless, the fact remains that McGregor is still the biggest name in the industry. But even though his time with the company is coming to an end, he is still a force to be reckoned with.

If McGregor wins his last fights under his UFC contract…

The suggestion that McGregor is insecure about his position within the company may be called wishful thinking, as the red carpet has already been rolled out for his return. And if he wins against Chandler and whatever fight follows, he will suddenly find himself in a position that many aspire to.

And if he manages to win these two fights, who’s to say he won’t be considered a title contender? After all, UFC is a business and Conor McGregor is good for business. A title fight with Islam Makhachev in the future would not only bring his rivalry with the Dagestani clan to a full circle, it will certainly break all records for PPV numbers.