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Azerbaijani wrestlers begin to participate in licensing tournaments

Fatime Letifova

The World Olympic Qualifying Tournament starts today in Istanbul, Turkiye, Azernieuws reports.

Four Greco-Roman wrestlers from Azerbaijan will compete on the first day of the licensing competition for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

In their first matches, Murad Mammadov (60 kg) meets Aleksandrs Yurkyans (Latvia), Rafig Huseynov (87 kg) meets Ilyas Pagkalidis (Greece), Murad Ahmadiyev (97 kg) meets Richard Karelson (Estonia) and Sabah Shariati (130 kg) meets Nikolaos Ntunyas (Greece).

It should be noted that the wrestlers who occupy the first 3 places in each weight (winners in the semi-finals and the match between the bronze medalists) will qualify for the Olympic Games.

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