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NBA Draft 2024: Latest News, Spots & Player Rankings

The 2024 NBA Draft is just around the corner as the first two-day event will take place on June 26 and 27 (8 p.m. ET on ABC/ESPN) in New York. Before the big night, check out all our draft content from our experts including Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo as they break down the prospects to watch.

2024 NBA Draft Content

2024 NBA Draft Rankings: Jonathan Givony’s Top 25 Prospects

May 8th: 2024 NBA Draft Lottery: Odds for Each Team and Possible Picks

NBA draft experts Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo break down the likely picks, odds and best odds for prospects ahead of Sunday’s lottery.

30th of April: 2014 NBA realignment: Jokic or Embiid at No. 1, and who will fall out of the lottery?

Jeremy Woo redesigns the 2014 NBA draft lottery, featuring the two best big men in the NBA: Nikola Jokic (No. 41 overall) and Joel Embiid (No. 3).

April 24: Ten things to know during the 2024 NBA pre-draft season

With the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament in the books, Jonathan Givony prepares you for the two-month sprint toward the 2024 NBA draft.

April 17: 2024 NBA Mock Draft: Team analysis for all 30 first-round picks

As the college and international basketball seasons come to a close, ESPN NBA draft insiders Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo update the 2024 mock draft.

13th of April: 2024 NBA Draft Notebook: Who Will Be No. 1 and Take Clingan vs. Edey out

Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo recap the highly anticipated matchup between the two college giants and explain why we’re still lacking clarity at the top of the draft.

April 10: Projects 30 of the best prospects

ESPN NBA insider Kevin Pelton names 30 of the best players eligible for the 2024 NBA draft.

April 5th: What’s next for Bronny James?

Jonathan Givony examines Bronny’s status as a prospect, and whether we’ll see him in the NBA or back in college next season.

April 2: What the NBA’s new two-day draft will mean for prospects, front offices and fans

For the first time, the NBA draft will span two days. Jeremy Woo looks at the impact this will have on teams moving forward on draft night.

April 1st: 2024 NBA mock draft: How the prospects performed in the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight

Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo recap the second week of the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

28th of March: How teams evaluate prospects in the NCAA Tournament

Do NBA front offices value March’s performance more than the rest of the college season? The answer is nuanced.

March 25: 2024 NBA mock draft: Kentucky prospects sent packing and Zach Edey’s impressive tournament run

Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo recap the first weekend of the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

21 March: Making the case for selecting Rob Dillingham at No. 1

Jeremy Woo explains why one of Kentucky’s talented defensive players is a top player.

20th of March: Top 50 college prospects in the NCAA Tournament

Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo give you the players to watch this March Madness.

March 14: What NBA executives are saying about USC’s Bronny James

Jeremy Woo spoke with three executives to better understand how NBA teams view James as an NBA prospect and the optics of his draft candidacy.

February 24: Making the case for selecting Cody Williams at No. 1

Jeremy Woo explains why the younger brother of Thunder star Jalen Williams is emerging as a top prospect in this draft class.

February 20: 2024 NBA Mock Draft: Ignite’s Long-Term Future and the Rise of Matas Buzelis

We’ve got a new prospect projected to go No. 1, plus the latest on G League Ignite’s status after NBA All-Star Weekend.

January 22: Making the case for selecting Zaccharie Risacher at No. 1

The 18-year-old French winger has put together a historically productive season for a teenager, putting himself in the position of being one of the first players called up in June.

January 11: 2024 NBA Mock Draft: What scouts want to see from these 21 prospects

With conference play here, NBA scouts want to learn more about several college players, including Cody Williams, Kyle Filipowski, a trio of Kentucky guards and Bronny James.

January 10: NBA Draft Poll: Who will be No. 1 pick, the state of G League Ignite and the most intriguing prospect beyond 2024

ESPN has surveyed 20 NBA executives and scouts since the G League Winter Showcase to gain a better understanding of the 2024 draft and its major storylines.

the 20th of December: Making the case for selecting Alex Sarr with the No. 1 pick

Jeremy Woo takes a closer look at one of the most physically gifted players in the class of 2024.

November 30: 2024 NBA Mock Draft: Why Isaiah Collier is the new No. 1 prospect

In our first mock draft of the 2023-2024 college basketball season, we take a look at how Isaiah Collier captured the No. 1 ranking, and who else is in contention.