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A man linked to murdered Australian brothers has been ordered to appear in court

The main suspect in the murder of two Australian brothers in Mexico is expected to be charged with the murder.

Callum Robinson, 33, and his brother Jake, 30, were traveling with their American boyfriend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, in the Mexican state of Baja California when they failed to check into their accommodation.

Their bodies were found with gunshot wounds to the head and dumped in a well near their campsite.

Callum and Jake Robinson
Callum and Jake Robinson were surfing in Mexico when they went missing. (HANDOUT/SUPPLIED)

Jesus Gerardo, also known as ‘El Kekas’, appeared in court in the Mexican city of Ensenada on Thursday, Australian time.

He has been charged in the April 27 disappearance of the three men and has yet to enter a plea.

The charge is expected to be upgraded to murder in the coming days.

Prosecutors have identified three suspects — two were caught with methamphetamine and one had the phone of one of the victims — but it is believed more people may have been involved.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong said the Australian Embassy in Mexico would continue to work with federal police and local authorities.

“I am heartbroken for Jake and Callum’s parents and thinking of them at this incredibly difficult time,” she said.

Debra and Martin Robinson
Debra and Martin Robinson said the world would be a darker place without their sons. (AP PHOTO)

The parents of the slain Australians, Debra and Martin Robinson, said the world has since become a darker place and they are preparing to bring home the bodies of their sons, who are originally from Perth.

The AFP is present in Mexico and maintains contacts with local authorities.

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