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Josh Hart got away with a push back on Tyrese Haliburton

Josh Hart pushes Tyrese Haliburton

The Indiana Pacers didn’t make game officiating a major issue for Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinals with the New York Knicks, despite numerous complaints. However, after they lost Game 2, Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle let go.

Carlisle talked about the referee after his Pacers lost 130-121 to the Knicks. He complained about the calls and expressed that he felt like his team was a victim because they are not a big-market darling like the Knicks.

During his post-game comments, Carlisle specifically mentioned one play that he couldn’t believe the Knicks got away with. In the third quarter of the game, Josh Hart pushed Tyrese Haliburton in the back and was not fouled.

Carlisle underscored his point about the missed call by noting that Haliburton is dealing with a back injury.

Carlisle may have thrown some shade at the refs after Game 1. He went all-in on the refs after Game 2.