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Treynor earns the crown while Nodaway’s Zack Gebbie sets a personal best in the golf section

(Neola, IA) – At the Quail Run Golf Course for boys golf section, the Treynor boys were able to capture the crown after scoring 306 overall, while OABCIG came in second with 317 overall. That means the teams will continue after section play with Coach Rob Wilkie and Treynor and Kurt Hoffmeister and OABCIG. In terms of individual finishes, OABCIG’s Axton Miller scored a section-best 65 to earn the medalist honors, while Treynor’s Ethan Konz came in second with a 71. Nodaway Valley’s Zack Gebbie secured third place with his personal best 73 and will continue in the postseason. Treynor’s Bradley Stock also tied for first with a fourth-place finish while scoring a 76. Of course, Missouri Valley wasn’t left out of the picture after Evan White shot a 76 to advance as one of the individual qualifiers. Congratulations to all the guys making progress in postseason action.

Jayden Johnson 91
Zach Murley 93
Brant Freeburg 97
Christian Dahir 98
Brooks Anderson 99
Kai Sonderland 110

Team score – 379


Drew Lee 87
Nate Jorgensen 94
Kaden Jorgensen 82
Money Freeman 97
Tyson Osbahr 96
Zach Nielsen 95

Team score – 358

Missouri Valley

Jackson Tennis 77
Eva White 76
Layton Maasen 87
Daylen Kocour 88
Brody Lower 81
Daxton Myler 89

Team score – 321

Nodaway Valley

Zack Gebbie 73
Landon Klobnak 98
Bradley Gebbie 101
Xander Hogan 89
Jack Jensen 98
Ty Rardin 111

Team score – 358


Axton Molenaar 65
Ben Hofmeister 78
Trenton Gilbert 98
Jac Gilbert 86
Caleb Taylor 89
Colton Boysen 88

Team score – 317


Ethan Konz 71
Bradley Stock 76
Brock Poland 82
Aaron Ehmke 89
Jace Tams 95
Luke Mathews 77

Team score – 306


Danny Stein 87
Lucas Siedler 102
Owen Larsen 93
Nick Hacket 105
Jack Vanfossan 100
Will Tiarks 101

Team score – 381

West Central Valley

Brock Taylor 86
Braylen Taylor 94
Colten Kern 110
Bryce Vigon 101
Oliver Ware 102
Nathan Bentler 104

Team score – 383

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