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Adam Schefter raised concerns about Green Bay’s inability to host the NFL Draft after 775,000 fans showed up in Detroit

With the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit breaking records with a whopping 775,000 attendees, including a whopping 275,000 on the first day, it’s no wonder all eyes are on the next host city. Green Bay is poised to take control of the 2025 NFL Draft, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently raised eyebrows and wondered if the city can handle the massive event after Detroit’s epic rise.

On a recent episode of “The Adam Schefter Show,” the ESPN Insider, along with colleague Daniel Dopp, delved into the looming question: Is Green Bay really prepared to host the NFL Draft amid its rising popularity and attendance?

I know they do it for Packers games. But where will all the players stay, in hotel rooms? Where will the NFL officials stay, in the hotel rooms? This happens again. But you know what, what occurred to me is that there are people who can stay in Appleton. There are people who can stay in Milwaukee.”

Adam Schefter went on to say that Milwaukee hosting the Republican National Convention could be a bit of practice for them to handle the 2025 NFL Draft.

He thinks it can help them understand the magnitude of such events and prepare accordingly. Despite his concerns, the ESPN analyst sees this as an exciting time for Wisconsin.

Here’s all the available information on the 2025 NFL draft

Amid ongoing preparations for the 2025 NFL Draft in Green Bay, Lambeau Field and the surrounding Titletown campus are the main venues, supplemented by nearby locations. The festivities are poised to provide several days of excitement in the city.

Additionally, the NFL Draft Experience, located next to Lambeau Field, promises an extensive football celebration. Attendees can participate in games, interactive displays, player interactions, sponsorship shows and specially designed activities for fans of all ages.

The NFL Draft has been transformed into a multi-day spectacle, with free concerts and entertainment as part of the NFL Draft Concert Series.

The event includes a number of community programs designed to have a good impact. These initiatives focus on issues such as social justice, military appreciation and adolescent well-being, creating a strong sense of community spirit.

In addition to the festivities, the NFL Draft Theater will take center stage, where the Commissioner and other notable figures will unveil their draft picks amid captivating concert performances. Attendees may be required to register for NFL OnePass to gain access to both the NFL Draft Experience and the NFL Draft Theater.