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Thank you to all our loyal readers!! – THE ROCKAWAY TIMES

Well, here it finally is, the final Wrestle Talk column. It has been an absolute pleasure to write for this great newspaper. I will certainly miss you all. Take care and best wishes to everyone!

Since this is the last column, I’ll answer a question I’ve been receiving a lot of emails about. What are my thoughts on the current state and future of pro wrestling?

Currently, I feel like the current state of professional wrestling is doing well. There is competition within the major companies, and a choice of which company you watch, such as WWE, AEW, ROH, and NJPW. The WWE has long been a leader in sports entertainment, but as the years go by we have other companies to watch and support, and I hope that continues. I would also like to see younger companies emerge in the industry and become new contenders. I’ve always felt like the WWE monopolized the wrestling world for a long time, and seeing companies like ROH and TNA AEW on national television is a breath of fresh air. Wrestling fans should be able to choose who they watch, and they should never again be limited to watching just one company. My favorite company to watch is New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), which has expanded its reach into the United States over the years and has even toured many American cities. They’ve brought their Strong Style brand to the United States, along with new talent for everyone to watch and enjoy. I feel like NJPW will continue to grow, and the only thing they’re missing right now is a major TV deal. As for smaller companies, there are a few that are touring the country, like Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), and like NJPW I think they will continue to grow as well and hopefully get a national TV deal that will help their product grow . .

As for the future of pro wrestling, I think the entire business will eventually have to evolve to keep fans interested in pro wrestling. By evolving I mean that wrestling should change from its current mode of production to a new form of storytelling. Could it be that wrestling is becoming more of a movie production? I say YES, that would be the right thing to do. We’ve seen it in the past, with the likes of The UnderTaker and Bray Waytt. I think wrestling could take their stories to the big screen where they can continue the feuds outside the squared circle.

Now I’m an old-school wrestling fan. I still love and believe in the gimmicks (characters) of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I believe that’s what made wrestling fun and popular. But modern wrestling fans may not want a revival of the past. They may want something new and different, and if pro wrestling wants to remain popular, change is not an option, but a necessity to keep the fans coming back.

Whatever route pro wrestling takes in the future, just remember this “suspend disbelief and enjoy the show.”

…..Thank you……

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