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Mateo Arias will play in the U-17 Microsoccer World Cup

Julian Andrés Santa

Great athletes are born nearby, they forge their talent by overcoming daily difficulties, but they never stop dreaming big. This is what happens to Mateo Arias Montoya from Pereira, who is preparing his bags to travel with the Colombian national team to the U-17 Indoor Football World Cup, which will take place in Paraguay from May 20 to 27 this year.

Mateo Arias’ position is the arc. Despite his youth, he will compete in his second World Cup with the Colombian micro football team, something that should undoubtedly receive more recognition in the department’s sporting community. However, the native of Pereira continues with his low profile, focused on his goals, grateful to his family and coach Fabio Aristizábal, and also proud of his neighborhood Hernando Vélez, which has also brought great talents in this sport such as Alexander Ospina and Jonathan Prada .

That’s where he forges his talent

Mateo says: “When I finally started playing indoor football, I was 13 years old with teacher Fabio Aristizábal. I am here every day of my life, playing on this Hernando Vélez field. My experiences with the Colombian national team are with the U-15 team, where I finished second in the world, and with this U-17 team, where we are going to Paraguay again to play in the World Cup.”

“I wanted the same opportunity and we fight for the same thing every day. In the tournament in Ibagué I did very well and because of my performance they called me back to the Colombian national team to play for Paraguay again. The first time was with the U-15, I was 14 years old, it was not my category, that is 2005 and this year with the U-17 but mixed with 2006. We were second in the world, we lost the final against Brazil in Paraguay.”

The Hernando Vélez field is like a second home for Mateo Arias, who loves his neighborhood even if it is not in the best condition. “Talents are born here, three players of the Colombian national team came from here, Jonathan Prada, Alexander Ospina and myself, a lot of magic comes from here and I hope they can help us with the goals, with the care of the floor, because it is in disrepair. conditions, just like the bars, sometimes you throw a ball and it goes into the mountains.”

All the support from your family

“My sisters, my brothers, my mother and my father are very proud, they always wanted to see me at a World Cup representing my country. It was always what I wanted when I was little: to stand up for my father, because I know that at some point he wanted to become a professional or represent his country, so it is me who stands up for him and my family,” explains de Pereira out. football goalkeeper. living room, Mateo Arias Montoya.

Thanks to these excellent years of processes, Risaralda remains a reference with its players and coaches in Colombian indoor football.

“It is very pleasant for us that Mateo has this opportunity to be part of a Colombian national team again. It is the fruit of our work, the truth is that we have been here on this stage for 24 years working in all categories and Mateo represents our country and our working groups.”