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“Rest and watch Chicago MED”: Charles Barkley mocks Knicks fans’ concerns over Jalen Brunson’s weird injury mix-up

The New York Knicks won the hard-fought Game 2 against the Indiana Pacers tonight in MSG. They were faced with an injury to Jalen Brunson early in the game, which kept him away from the field for the first half. Additionally, with OG Anunoby nailing their offense, the athletic wing suffered a hamstring issue, ending his night in the final four minutes of the third quarter. With that, the Knicks came through with their camaraderie, teamwork and belief in each other. However, all they got in return was sardonic commentary and ridicule; at least by Charles Barkley.

Barkley opened the TNT broadcast after the game by mentioning that the Knicks “trampled by the Celtics,‘ in the next round. He then went on a rampage to disparage the Knicks’ ball game in hopes of lowering fans’ expectations. Barkley then added his snarky comments as the team went over highlights from the game. This time, Barkley’s spot came at the expense of Jalen Brunson. There was confusion among fans about Brunson’s injury in the first quarter. Several sources claimed it was a hand problem, while others hinted at a foot problem. With that, after Brunson’s fifteen minute absence, Chuck said: “It turns out to actually be nothing. He was resting and watching Chicago MED.

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