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Jan Blachowicz disputes loss to Alex Pereira, calls for deserved rematch to prove superiority: “I won that fight”

UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira has had a quick ascension to the throne. He has left a number of fighters in his wake, most of whom want another shot at ‘Poatan’. This includes former champion Jan Blachowicz, who feels he was robbed by the judges in the first fight and wants a chance to make amends.

The former champion recently spoke with ‘Fanatics View’ for an interview on their YouTube channel. During the interview, Blachowicz was asked what he thought of Pereira’s recent title defense at UFC 300. The former champion added that Pereira was undoubtedly better than Hill and therefore deservedly secured the victory. That said, Blachowicz doesn’t think Pereira ever had his number.

“He is not a better fighter than me, and I believe I deserve the rematch. If he fights me, I still believe I won this battle. (Judges) see different scores, but I believe I won this fight against him, and I believe I deserve the rematch. He knocked everyone out – not me. When I come back, I believe I can fight him again.

Alex Pereira had moved up in weight and made his debut at 205 pounds against Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291. The fight was shocking to many, but the fight went the distance and Pereira ultimately walked away with the split decision. However, Blachowicz believes he was robbed that night.

The former champion felt that, especially from a grappling and grappling standpoint, he did enough to secure the win. He added that once he was fully fit, he would pursue the rematch as if his life depended on it.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Blachowicz has very specific plans for Pereira and the future of the 205-pound division.

Jan Blachowicz lays out the roadmap for the light heavyweight division and Alex Pereira

The Polish fighter last competed in July 2023. Since then, he has been sidelined due to injuries to his shoulder, which forced him to undergo surgery in March and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. The 41-year-old believes a return date at the end of the year would be perfect for him.

And since he can’t fight Pereira in his current state, he believes he picked the right fight for Pereira as he finishes his rehabilitation.

According to the former champion, Alex Pereira should face Magomed Ankalaev as it would be the toughest fight in the division. And while those two are doing their best, Blachowicz believes he’s done enough to come back and go for whoever wins that dogfight.