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MTG Fighting Fit Central students reach expert level

MTG Fighting Fit Central Taekwon-Do Club promoted three black belts to the 4th dan expert level.

The Marks Park Sports Club-based club assessed the following students: 21-year-old Richard Hardman, the youngest in the federation to date to reach this level. He has been training with the club since he was six years old, as have Peter Stander (57) and Arthur Body (32), who could not be included as planned due to injury last December, but he completed his test in March. .

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Norman Magua, lead instructor and 7th dan, explained that the grades consist of all required physical syllabus training including; self-defense, sparring, hand and kick techniques, breaking, theory and a thesis on all topics related to Taekwon-Do, which is also required to reach the 4th dan level.

“They have all made very good use of their achievements and have proven themselves worthy of this title after many years of dedication to the art,” he said. Magua and the club are very proud of them and wish them the best for their training for the next level, which will take at least 4 more years of dedicated training.

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