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Lara Trump is going to stop cheating with a lawsuit

RNC co-chair Lara Trump recently stated on Sunday that the organization has filed another battleground lawsuit to shore up election integrity after winning a major decision in another key state last month via Conservative Brief.

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Trump was noted as saying the RNC filed suit against Nevada to prevent officials there from counting ballots after Election Day.

“What are you doing now regarding suing Nevada?” Bartiromo asked.

“You can’t count the ballots, Maria, after the election is over. And right now, that’s one of many lawsuits that we’re pursuing in this country to make sure that exactly that happens, that we have free, fair and transparent elections,” Trump began. “So in Nevada, as you pointed out, we are saying that we want Election Day to be the last day for ballots to be counted.

“And we have been very successful in many lawsuits. A few weeks ago we won a major lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania,” she continued. “The Democrats obviously wanted to take data off the ballots in an effort to make it easier to cheat. We came back to that. We won. And that set a precedent for the entire country.

“So whether it’s Nevada, Pennsylvania, or New York City, where we just had a big victory, they were trying to encourage 800,000 non-residents to vote. We had a bipartisan effort led by the RNC. We won there. They won’t be able to do that,” Trump added.

“And we do those things across the country because we can’t be reactive. We have to be proactive. We need to look at this well before Election Day and the election season that we have in this country right now. We are doing everything we can at the RNC to make sure that happens,” she said.