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Mexican man suspected of killing identified surfers: World: Latin Post

Mexican authorities have identified a man suspected of killing three surfers, including two Australian brothers and an American, near Ensenada, Mexico.

The suspect, a Mexican man, Jesus Gerardo “N.”, also known as “El Kekas,” was arrested in connection with the incident, according to the Baja California Attorney General’s Office.

The victims, Jake and Callum Robinson from Australia and Jack Carter Rhoad from San Diego, were reported missing during a surfing trip near Ensenada in late April.

Their disappearance prompted an investigation by the Baja California Attorney General’s office, Fox 5 reported.

On May 3, three bodies were discovered in La Bocana, about 130 miles south of San Diego, in a 50-foot well.

The victims were identified by their relatives as the missing surfers.

Mexican authorities suspect the victims died during an attempted theft of their truck because of its tires.

Jesus Gerardo’ N.’ and two others have been arrested, while two more suspects are wanted in connection with the murders.

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Court testimony reveals chilling details

In a trial in Ensenada, Mexico, the girlfriend of a man, Ari Gisel Garcia Cota, testified that her boyfriend had confessed to killing three surfers during a botched robbery.

According to her testimony, Gerardo admitted to the murders when he returned from the victims’ campsite, saying, “I screwed up three gringos.”

Garcia further revealed that Gerardo outfitted her car with tires stolen from the victims’ truck the morning after the alleged murders.

According to Daily Mail, the truck was later found burned with the wheels removed.

Although authorities initially believed the murders were the result of a botched robbery, questions have been raised about the robbery theory.

Photos of the burned truck showed the wheels were still on the vehicle when it was set on fire, casting doubt on the motive.

Criminal psychologist Tim Watson-Munro suggested the murders may have been the result of a robbery attempt that escalated due to resistance from the victims.

However, he acknowledged the possibility of other explanations and emphasized the lawless nature of the region.

Legal proceedings and future hearings

Jesus Gerardo, who was charged in connection with the surfers’ disappearance, appeared in court wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

According to his girlfriend’s testimony, he was involved in the murders, although he has not yet entered a plea.

The charges against him are expected to be upgraded to murder, ABC noted.

The court heard details of the prosecution’s case, including evidence collected at the crime scene and witness statements.

Despite ongoing investigations, questions remain about the circumstances of the killings and the involvement of other individuals.

A Mexican man, Jesus Gerardo, remains in custody until his next court hearing, scheduled for November 8.

Meanwhile, authorities continue their efforts to uncover the full extent of the tragedy and bring justice for the murdered surfers and their families.

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