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As Patrick Beverley calls his actions ‘inexcusable,’ police announce they’ve opened an investigation

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indianapolis police announced Wednesday they’ve opened an investigation into an “NBA player and citizen” altercation that happened at Gainbridge Fieldhouse on the night Bucks guard Patrick Beverley threw a ball at a fan in the final minutes of a season- ending loss to the Pacers.

Police said in a news release the case has been forwarded to detectives, “who are currently investigating this situation and take all accusations seriously.”

Detectives will present the case to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office at the conclusion of the investigation, the release stated.

Cameras showed Beverley sitting on the bench and tossing a ball into the stands, hitting a fan in the head with about 2 ½ minutes left in the game on May 2. After a different fan threw the ball back to Beverley, who was holding his arm out for it, the Bucks guard fired it back at that spectator.

Beverley spoke about his behavior on an episode of “The Pat Bev Podcast” that was released Wednesday. He said he was called a word that he’d never been called before, but added that his own actions were “still inexcusable.”

“I will be better,” he said. “I have to be better, and I will be better. That should have never happened. Regardless of what was said, that should have never happened. Simple as that.”

Beverley added the atmosphere in Indiana “was great” aside from “a handful of fans” who crossed the line. The Pacers beat the Bucks 120-98, eliminating Milwaukee from the playoffs.

“I ain’t bringing a basketball on the bench no more,” Beverley said. “That… threw my whole vibe off.”

After the game, Beverley wouldn’t allow ESPN journalist Malinda Adams to ask him a question in a group interview in the locker room. He said it was because she didn’t subscribe to his podcast. Beverley told her to get her microphone out of his face and then eventually asked her to leave the interview circle.

On his podcast Wednesday, Beverley said he had asked that of reporters who interviewed him ever since he launched his podcast. Beverley said he told Adams that “it was never my intention to disrespect you.”

A day after the loss, Bucks coach Doc Rivers said Beverley’s behavior was “not the Milwaukee way or the Bucks way.”

“We’re better than that,” Rivers said. “Pat feels awful about that. He also understands emotionally — this is an emotional game and things happen — unfortunately, you’re judged immediately and he let the emotions get the better of him.”