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Orange Cassidy Joins Surprise AEW Faction?

Orange Cassidy Joins Surprise AEW Faction?Orange Cassidy Joins Surprise AEW Faction?


Orange Cassidy may be joining a surprise AEW faction while still being recruited by an intriguing leader on tonight’s Dynamite.

On tonight’s May 8 episode of AEW Dynamite, Don Callis continued to recruit top star Orange Cassidy into his dastardly faction.

Cassidy was betrayed by Trent Beretta, who then seemingly ended Chuck Taylor’s career, so he’s clearly in a vulnerable state.

What better time for Don Callis to take advantage of this and start heavily recruiting him to join the Don Callis family, or so it seems.

After their interaction last week, Callis provided commentary for Cassidy vs. Beretta and went on to explain why joining the Don Callis family would be the best move for Cassidy.

Cassidy scored the game-winning goal, but when Beretta attacked Cassidy after the game, Callis eventually got away from commentary and made the save before leaving with the Dutch team.

But since Don Callis is Don Callis, you have to wonder if he has ulterior motives.

In a later backstage segment in the trainer’s room, Orange Cassidy was checked out after the match.

Rocky Romero noted that if he won his match against Jay White tonight, he could get Tony Khan to agree to a Threesomes Title match for himself, Cassidy and a third partner of their choice.

However, Don Callis reappeared at the commentary desk to comment on Mariah May’s performance against Harley Cameron and for the rest of the show.

He explained his presence by saying he was “always scouting.” Taz is absent from today’s show, so Callis is pretty much filling in for him.

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