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Derrick Lewis promises to do something “special” at UFC St. Louis against Rodrigo Nascimento: “This is my prime”

Derrick Lewis believes he is just entering the prime of his career when he headlines UFC St. Louis on Saturday night against Rodrigo Nascimento.

Derrick Lewis

Lewis is coming off a poor decision loss to Jailton Almeida in November. Although Lewis is 39 and 1-4 in his last five fights, ‘The Black Beast’ believes he has just reached his prime.

“I’m more excited about this fight than any other fight I’ve ever had. I trained my ass for this one, and I have no injuries during this fight. I feel healthy. I’m less than 20 pounds away from hitting my weight. And usually I weigh 15 pounds, 20 pounds before the weigh-in. I’m currently under 10 pounds,” Lewis said at UFC St. Louis media daj. “I feel great now. I really feel like this is my prime. When I was in my twenties or early thirties, I didn’t feel so good. Now I feel fantastic.”

Now that Derrick Lewis believes he’s entering his prime, he’s confident he’ll get back into the win column in a big way on Saturday at UFC St. Louis.

Not only does Lewis believe he will return to the win column, but he also promises to do something special to get the win, something his coaches also don’t know.

“They figured it out for me, especially there with the American Top Team. Every Brazilian I fight is from there. But those guys, they put themselves in pretty good shape coming out of the top American team. So I know they have this guy ready. They know what’s going on. They’ve been fighting me for so many years when I came out of that gym, they know my style, I’m pretty sure. But there will be a completely new style in this fight,” Lewis said.

“I want to do something special. I’ve been working on it in my garage. My coach knows nothing about this. So whatever I’m going to throw out the first minute of my fight, my coach has nothing to do with it. So when you all see me throw something crazy, just know that it wasn’t my coach’s idea. It’s my idea. That’s how good I feel right now,” Lewis added.

Derrick Lewis enters his UFC St. Louis main event as a heavyweight ranked 12th.