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A French couple cycling across Canada for reforestation stops in Medicine Hat

Soton said they are not dedicated cyclists, but took up the challenge to support a good cause.

“We are trying to raise $10,000 to replant 10,000 trees in areas affected by wildfires,” Soton said.

“Everything is donated to an association called One Tree Planted. We are trying to get as much visibility as possible so that people can donate and help us and support the cause,” she added.

“It’s not just for Canada. It’s for the planet in general.”

The couple has averaged almost 100 kilometers a day so far, staying in hostels and with homestays.

“We moved to Canada a year ago, living mostly in BC and a little bit in Alberta, like traveling and working. And we’ve always wanted to cross Canada to visit the east side,” Soton said.

“We decided to do it by bike because we also want to promote green tourism. We have a two-year visa, so we are quite settled in Canada for now,” she added.

“It’s a beautiful country, so maybe we’ll stay a little longer.”

Their host family in Medicine Hat picked them up on the side of Highway 1 near Suffield on Tuesday after they suffered a flat tire in the rain on the way from Brooks.

They plan to leave Medicine Hat on Thursday after conditions improve.

Fermin said there have been a number of challenges, including weather and wind on the prairies.

“One of the biggest challenges is the mental challenge, because you have to spend a lot of hours on the bike and that is a long time. It’s really long,” Soton said.

“You have to find a way to escape, by listening to podcasts or music or thinking about a lot of things,” he added.

“The biggest challenge was the Rockies because of the height difference. And it was quite hard because it was at the beginning of the trip, so the body was not used to cycling all day.”

The couple enjoyed the friendliness of the Canadians.

Those interested in supporting the couple’s efforts can visit for more information or to donate. You can also donate via One Tree Planted.