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Anthony Smith reacts to Alex Pereira’s video of him falling asleep in his UFC 301 debut

Anthony Smith answers Alex Pereira’s ‘weird’ nap video

In a recent appearance on The MMA hourSmith responded to Pereira’s impromptu nap during his UFC 301 Octagon debut.

“Someone showed me the video, I didn’t see it live or anything. It’s weird,” Smith responded to Pereira. ‘I’m not coming for him, I’ve never come for him like this before. Of course you have the title belt in my division, so when people say what your goal is, I want to fight the champion, I want to fight Alex Pereira. But he goes out of his way to bully me, which is fine, it doesn’t bother me. I think it’s great and a lot of fun. He has a sense of humor, as I’ve always said…

“I enjoy that part of it, but it’s just weird to me.”

Smith is likely one or two wins away from a potential title shot after the victory over Petrino. Pereira, meanwhile, is eyeing a rematch with Jiří Procházka for his next light heavyweight title defense.