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Yanno launches new tennis sneaker Crafted

Sneakers with swag: Yanno launches new tennis sneaker Crafted

Yanno Footwear unveils its latest design, the Legendary Super Speed ​​​​Pro, which will make waves in the sneaker world.
Sneakers have long been a cultural phenomenon and have come a long way to becoming mainstream in contemporary fashion. No longer just functional items, they have become a style statement and status symbol, sought after by people who collect and trade rare and limited edition sneakers.


Yanno Footwear is a world-renowned shoe brand that produces and sells some of the best sneakers in the world and is known for its branded sneakers. Sneakers like the SuperSpeed ​​Pro, the Evoz, the Evoz 2 and many other fan favorites are all designed by award-winner Yannick. Yanno produces branded, designer sneakers and shoes that are loved for their style and versatility. The Evoz and Evoz 2, for example, are made from the highest quality Italian leather and are widely praised for their durability, performance and ultimate comfort.

Yanno now introduces his latest innovation in footwear trends with his new Legendary SuperSpeed ​​​​Pro ( Designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted with the finest materials, the SuperSpeed ​​Pro embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship, long revered for its elegance and flair.

Designed for speed, increased traction and durability, the SuperSpeed ​​Pro is emerging as a fan favorite. Inspired by this rich heritage to present a collection that seamlessly blends classic design with contemporary trends, the new sneaker design represents a bold departure from convention and offers a fresh take on tennis footwear. Whether you’re playing your next match, strolling the city streets or heading out for a night on the town, the SuperSpeed ​​Pro is sure to turn heads and make a statement.


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This sporty tennis sneaker has a stylish and classic low silhouette. With side panels made of Italian material and an extra padded heel collar. The Super Speed ​​Pro features the latest technology to give you that extra boost of speed and comfort, both on and off the field. The insoles are carefully designed with a double layer of cushioning foam. The soles have been designed and developed by the best engineers in the world to give you that extra grip you need when playing your next match or to prevent slipping and sliding when going out with friends. The lace-up closure features a lace-up front with gold sparkling laces and reinforced metal eyelets. The sneaker is finished with a logo that is conveniently placed on the front of the sneaker tongue for stronger branding.

As fashion trends come and go, Yanno is emerging as a respected brand synonymous with quality, steadfast in its commitment to timeless style and impeccable sustainability. With the launch of the SuperSpeed ​​​​Pro, the brand reaffirms its position as a leader in the footwear world, setting the standard for style, sophistication, self-expression and adding a touch of Italian flair to every step.

In a market saturated with mass-produced products, Yanno Footwear stands out for its commitment to quality and attention to detail, using the best materials, the best technology and the best manufacturing processes in the world, complemented by a team of skilled craftsmen who have honed their techniques for years. Yanno not only specializes in the sale of good quality Italian-made sneakers, but also in various other shoes. Shoes including stilettos, pumps, sandals, women’s casual shoes and slippers, formal and casual shoes, hunting shoes, men’s sandals and slippers, children’s shoes, boots and much more. Yanno is also known to sell fashion accessories such as bags, for both men and women, wallets and belts.

To complement its premium product, Yanno offers free shipping to Europe, the UK, Canada and the US. As a testament to the trust in the sneaker line, Yanno offers its customers free returns if they are not satisfied with their orders.

Each pair is a masterpiece, combining more than a hundred years of craftsmanship tradition with modern style for a high-quality product that exudes the class of its Italian heritage. Thanks to impeccable craftsmanship and careful stitching, every order of bespoke Yanno shoes comes with an impressive custom collector’s edition box.

Yanno Footwear’s line of custom sneakers and shoes represents the brand’s commitment to Italian flair and excellence. Crafted with precision and passion, each pair exudes a perfect blend of functionality and fashion, seamlessly blending comfort with style. The pursuit of excellence is reflected in every aspect of its products. Handcrafted from fine Italian leather by master Italian craftsmen, these custom designer sneakers have a refined aesthetic, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless style.

About the brand:

Yanno, also known as Yanno Footwear, is the brand of world famous and successful award-winning entrepreneur Yannick Theodore. The recently launched sneaker brand is one of Yannick’s latest initiatives, consisting of a collection of premium sneakers and shoes loved by enthusiasts around the world. The author of the best-selling eBook, ‘Let’s Talk About Business (” has invested a lot of time and money in the launch of the sneaker brand. His vision is to build Yanno as a luxury brand specialized in the production and sale of the best and most sustainable branded sneakers and shoes worldwide.
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