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Nias was so perfect on May 5 that it was like a video game

The slowness

On May 5 and 6, Nias surfers found themselves in a dream. Two days of waves that are about as perfect as waves that can be pulsed through as a result of a long period of westerly swell. The wind was just a breeze and the crowd was relatively thin.

If Lagundri Bay gets really good, it will be hard to beat. The paddle out is manageable, the wave readable, consistent and not the most technical. If you make the drop and can go straight, you can end up there… which is why it’s usually full.

The Point at Lagundri Bay is the wave most people see in the media, and for good reason. “This is the Madonna of Lagundri Bay, breaking on the penultimate outer part of the inlet, where the SW swells strike perfectly head-on and the NW-dominant winds are steady offshore,” explains The Surf Atlas. “All this together creates a barrel right that is often touted as pure perfection.”

And on the days in the video above, it lived up to the hype.