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Parents of Aus brothers killed in Mexico say ‘our hearts are broken’

The parents of Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, who were murdered ‘execution style’ while in Mexico, have made a heartbreaking statement.

The two Australian brothers were traveling along the Baja California coast for a surfing trip with their American friend when their parents raised the alarm that they had not been in contact or checked into their accommodation as planned.

The brothers’ bodies were later discovered 30 feet away in a well south of the city of Ensenada.

Three alleged Mexican perpetrators – Jesús Gerardo Garcia Cota, known as El Kekas, his partner Ari Gisel García Cota, and his brother Cristian Alejandro Garcia – have been charged with forcible kidnapping.

Authorities described it as a “robbery gone bad,” with the alleged perpetrators attempting to steal a car’s tires before being confronted.

Perth siblings Callum and Jake Robinson.

Speaking for the first time since her sons’ bodies were identified, Debra said, “Our hearts are broken and the world has become a darker place.”

“It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Callum and Jake have been murdered,” she said.

“We also mourn the loss of Carter Rhoad, a dear friend.”

Her husband, Martin, thanked friends in the US and Australia for their support. He also thanked consulate staff and Australian agencies.

“I would like to thank Foreign Minister Wong who took time out of her busy schedule yesterday to call us for support,” he said.

The couple have traveled to Mexico to formally identify their sons as the investigation continues.

“Now it’s time to take them home to family and friends and to the ocean waves in Australia,” Debra said.

“Please live bigger, shine brighter and love harder in their memory.”

Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson.

The couple said the brothers were close and loved by many.

“We have always been very proud of their academic and sporting achievements and admired their life choices,” Debra said.

She described her son Callum as “the big koala” who was a “happy, gentle and compassionate soul who pursued a career in medicine”.

“Callum was a sweet, larger-than-life character and considered the United States his second home,” she said.

“Jake’s passion was surfing and it was no coincidence that many of the hospitals where he worked were close to surfing beaches.”

“Known as the big koala, he played professional lacrosse in the PLL (Premier Lacrosse League) and represented Australia at the world championships and always found time to coach junior teams.”