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Eric Bischoff on WWE Legends contract opportunity

Former WWE Raw general manager Eric Bischoff has made it clear that he is still not interested in signing a WWE Legends contract, citing a preference for the freedom to control his own professional endeavors. While WWE has a roster of legendary talent under Legends contracts, including icons like The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Mick Foley, Bischoff stands out because he has never been part of such an agreement.

Speaking on his ’83 Weeks’ podcast, he emphasized his independence and autonomy, and expressed his gratitude for the freedom to pursue his career on his terms.

Bischoff’s contractual restraint

Bischoff expressed his position, emphasizing his aversion to long-term commitments unless they provide substantial financial rewards or pure pleasure.

He underlined that while he respects WWE and is open to working together on a case-by-case basis, he is reluctant to commit to contractual obligations. The veteran wrestling figure clarified that while he enters into merchandise deals, including action figures and video games, these are independent of any agreements with WWE.

He said he came across a new Mattel action figure of himself at a recent signing, signaling continued commitments outside of the WWE sphere. Eric Bischoff recently shared details about his current video game contract, revealing that it still has approximately eleven months left before it expires.

Following the closing of this agreement, Bischoff will have the freedom to seek new partnerships and collaborations with various entities. This move underlines his commitment to maintaining control over his career choices and ensuring he can pursue his professional path with the autonomy to adapt to opportunities that best suit his personal and professional goals.

Bischoff’s candid comments provide insight into his career philosophy and underscore his determination to maintain control of his professional trajectory. As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, his perspective serves as a reminder of the diverse paths available to industry veterans that go beyond traditional contractual obligations.