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ROAD TO UFC Season 3 kicks off in Shanghai with exciting matches across multiple divisions

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Following the successful format of Season 2, the opening round of Season 3 of ROAD TO UFC will take place on May 18 and 19 at the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai, China. This groundbreaking ‘win and advance’ tournament offers Asia’s top MMA prospects a direct path to UFC contracts.

The third season of ROAD TO UFC introduces the women’s strawweight division, joining the existing men’s flyweight, bantamweight and featherweight categories. The competition will feature 32 mixed martial arts athletes competing in these four weight classes, along with additional non-tournament fights to expand opportunities for emerging fighters.

To date, eleven competitors from the first two seasons have earned UFC contracts, including seven tournament winners, two finalists and two victors from non-tournament fights. This season promises to continue the tradition of showcasing and promoting top talent in the sport.

The opening round of the tournament will be broadcast live in prime time across Asia from the UFC PI Shanghai, using state-of-the-art remote production technology to connect seamlessly to the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The schedule for the opening episodes is as follows:

  • Welterweight non-tournament: Bahatebole Batebolati vs Han Seul Kim

  • Women’s Strawweight: Feier Huang vs. Miki Motono and Feng Xiaocan vs. Kiran Singh

  • Featherweight: Shin Haraguchi vs. JunYoung Hong and Zhu Kangjie vs. Tatsuya Ando

  • Women’s Flyweight Non-Tournament: Wang Cong vs. Paula Luna

  • Women’s Strawweight: Priya Sharma vs. Dong Huaxiang and Shi Ming vs. YeDam Seo

  • Featherweight: Masuto Kawana vs. Young Jae Song and Xie Bin vs. Yibugele

  • Lightweight Non-Tournament: WonBin Ki vs Tatsuya Saika

  • Flyweight: Jiniushiyue vs. Dong Hoon Choi and John Almanza vs. Angad Bisht

  • Bantamweight: Soo Young Yoo vs. Shohei Nose and Daermisi Zhawupasi vs. Ren Ozaki

  • Women’s Flyweight Non-Tournament: Yan Qihui vs. Lisa Kyriacou

  • Flyweight: Ruel Panales vs. Toki Matsui and Kiru Singh Sahota vs. Yin Shuai

  • Bantamweight: Kyusung Kim vs. Tokitaka Nakanishi and Baergeng Jieleyisi vs. Li Yunfeng

ROAD TO UFC Season 3 will take place in front of a live audience, with venue details to be announced prior to each event. The highlight of the season will consist of finals at a UFC Fight Night, where winners from each division will receive UFC contracts.

This season continues to spotlight the global expansion and talent development within the UFC, spotlighting Asia’s rising stars in the sport of mixed martial arts.