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‘Hardik Pandya wouldn’t be in India’s World Cup squad if Rohit Sharma…’

As the T20 World Cup draws closer, the dynamic between Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya will continue to come under scrutiny.

As Mumbai Indians (MI) faced an early exit from the IPL 2024 playoff race, scrutiny over their performance and internal dynamics intensified, especially regarding the relationship between captain Hardik Pandya and senior player Rohit Sharma.

Despite the team’s attempts at a turnaround under the leadership of Hardik Pandya, their campaign never gained momentum, resulting in their elimination from the play-offs.

Michael Clarke perspective on Rohit Sharma-Hardik Pandya

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke gave his view on the situation and suggested that the rift between Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya may not be as serious as portrayed in the media.

Clarke highlighted Pandya’s inclusion in the Indian T20I World Cup squad as proof of Rohit Sharma’s influence on the team selection. He highlighted Rohit’s desire to win the World Cup and suggested that if the conflict between the two players was significant, Hardik Pandya would not have been chosen for the campaign.

‘You know what… Knowing Rohit Sharma, he will throw his arms around Hardik Pandya. That shows the character that Rohit is. He is the Indian captain and believe me… he wants to win that World Cup. He has had a lot to say about the 15 selected by India. the former Aussie captain said on the Around the Wicket podcast.

“It’s very different from, say, the Australian 15. They are very focused on spin bowling. If the battle between Rohit and Hardik was as strong as people think, Hardik would not be participating in that World Cup campaign. The Indian captain has so much power.”

Rohit Sharma support for Hardik Pandya

Michael Clarke praised Rohit Sharma’s leadership qualities and expressed confidence that Rohit would back Pandya and ensure his focus on the upcoming World Cup. Despite indications of division within the Mumbai Indians camp, Clarke recognized Pandya’s talent and potential contribution to the Indian team.

He noted Pandya’s determination to excel, especially after his shortened ODI World Cup campaign due to injury.

The way forward for the India Cricket Team

Stressing the importance of performance, Clarke indicated that Pandya’s inclusion in the Indian squad would depend on his contributions on the field.

He acknowledged the significance of Pandya’s role in both batting and bowling and suggested that Rohit Sharma would support and motivate Pandya to improve his game.

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As the IPL season progresses and the T20 World Cup approaches, the dynamic between Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya will continue to come under scrutiny.

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