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Mexico Copa America 2024 squad: who will take Jaime Lozano to the United States

El Tri Enter will leave for the US with sky-high expectations, but can they actually achieve them?

If there’s one thing you should know about the Mexican national team, it’s that high expectations precede everything they do. It doesn’t matter what the competition, the form or the situation is. When a game is played, those who support El Tri expect to win.

Those expectations are not always realistic, but they are always realistic. There is no escape. If Mexico ever falls short, there is always swift punishment. That’s the situation head coach Jaime Lozano faces heading into this summer’s Copa America.

However, Mexico is not among the favorites to win in the United States. There is still an aura of chaos surrounding the 2022 World Cup, with players still taking shots at former coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino. On talent alone, El Tri is not among the top three or four in this competition.

However, the expectations are there, and if Lozano’s Mexico doesn’t live up to them… well, we all know what happens to Mexican managers who fall short.

But who will be part of Mexico’s Copa America squad? GOAL takes a look…