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Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones Chase Tornadoes in New Heart-Credding ‘Twisters’ Trailer: Watch Here

“Twisters” arrives in theaters on July 19.

A new trailer for the highly anticipated movie ‘Twisters’ is here.

Daisy Edgar-Jones stars in the new trailer, which dropped Wednesday, as Kate Cooper, a former storm chaser, who crosses paths with Tyler Owens, played by Glen Powell, a reckless social media superstar who thrives on chasing storms .

The trailer opens with a dramatic scene of what appears to be a rodeo. Sirens go off, signaling that a tornado is approaching, and chaos ensues, with people scrambling for safety as cars and debris are swept into the air.

The trailer shows Kate being asked by a colleague, played by Anthony Ramos, to help track a storm in Oklahoma. The two are then on the ground, tracking the tornado in real time.

Tyler appears next in the trailer and takes a slightly different approach to tracking tornadoes with his truck and storm gear.

“You think you can disrupt a volcano,” Tyler says to Kate at one point.

“In theory,” Kate answers. “But in the field, in this moment, I was wrong.”

The trailer reaches a climax when the two, along with their crew of storm chasers, discover two tornadoes that appear to be combining in the sky.

“It’s okay to be scared,” Tyler says between dramatic clips, including a water tower crumbling and what appears to be a refinery exploding. “Fear is the reason you do it.”

“You don’t face your fears, you ride them,” he adds.

The new trailer comes three months after a first-look trailer was released by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment during the Super Bowl.

Two-time Oscar nominee Lee Isaac Chung, the filmmaker behind “Minari,” directs the film from a script by Mark L. Smith, who co-wrote “The Revenant” and “The Boys in the Boat.”

The film is a sequel to Jan de Bont’s 1996 classic “Twister,” in which Helen Hunt and the late Bill Paxton play estranged spouses Jo and Bill, storm chasers on the brink of divorce who join forces to prevent tornadoes in Oklahoma chasing after the research apparatus they created to study storms.

“Twister” earned nearly $500 million at the worldwide box office and received two Academy Award nominations, one for Best Sound and one for Best Visual Effects.

“Twisters” will hit theaters on July 19.

See the trailer below.