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‘A Tiger Woods Roast would be the pinnacle of golf Twitter’: After the success of Tom Brady’s Roast, fans demand one from the golfing legend

NFL star Tom Brady was recently featured in Netflix’s ‘The Greatest Roast of All Time’ where he was brutally roasted despite his belief that he couldn’t be roasted. The show’s host, Kevin Hart, had no sympathy for the football legend, and that was clearly reflected in the show. The roast is currently getting a lot of attention among the top 10 shows on Netflix this week. Although the roast was disliked by some, many fans quickly requested another one, this time focusing on golf legend Tiger Woods.

Fans suggested that even though Woods is an icon, he is the right choice to appear next on the show. The 82-time PGA Tour winner suffered widespread downfall, making his personal life a topic of discussion amid his alleged infidelity scandal. Currently, he has a +200 chance of appearing on the list.

When it comes to the guest list, the show may also feature his fellow golf stars who started their careers alongside Woods. Furthermore, given Woods’ recent ‘rusty’ form in the 2024 season, in which the American professional golfer only appeared in two tournaments, this could be a moment ripe for a joke.

The fifteen-time major champion competed for the first time at the Genesis Invitational, where he ultimately withdrew due to flu-like symptoms. It’s worth pointing out that the 48-year-old golfer hasn’t won a tournament since 2019. Considering all these facts, Woods could come in first place next, which fans say is perfect.

Fans storm the comments section demanding a Tiger Woods roast

After the show streamed on Netflix, numerous sports fans came forward to share their thoughts on who should be next. Barstool Sports even posted on X (formerly Twitter) asking: “Who should follow in Brady’s footsteps?”

One fan thought Woods was the perfect choice for the next Celebrity Roast and gave his reason.

Another fan thought the world wasn’t ready for a Tiger Woods roast.

A fan suggested a Tiger Woods roast would be epic!

Here are some other notes:

Woods has a lot of dirt on him tumultuous relationships and cheating scandal. It is therefore obvious that his ex-wife and some of his ex-girlfriends would be dragged along with the golfer. Tom Brady’s roast was brutal, and some have even gone ahead and called it misogynistic and cruel. One can only imagine what a Tiger Woods roast would entail.