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Participation, performance emphasized | Otago Daily Times Online News

The Otago Secondary Schools Sports Association is profiling another group of sports leaders.

Queen’s School

Jorja Gibbons

Sport: Athletics, hockey.

Highlight: NZ U20 relay team.

Goal as sports prefect: Getting people involved and seeing how we can make it fun for the players. Also to see students excel in their chosen sport.

Cromwell College

Zanjo Valentin

Sport: Rugby, basketball, touch, Rippa Rugby, volleyball, athletics.

Highlights: U14 most consistent for Cromwell Rugby Club, second U16 100m and long jump at Otago Athletics.

Goal as sports prefect: To bring fun to the sport, both for enthusiastic fans and for the less interested. I strive to inspire and connect with my colleagues, guiding them to their best selves by sharing what I know.

Otago Boys High School

Ethan Des Fontein

Sport: Football, indoor football.

Highlight: Undefeated in the Fletcher Cup last year.

Goal as sports prefect: Involve boys within the school more in sports, whether this is by playing in teams or coaching teams.

Mack Wrigley

Sport: Rugby.

Highlight: I made my debut for the First XV last year.

Goal as sports prefect: To recognize and celebrate the achievements of boys in all their sports, whether it be individual success, team success or boys’ improvements throughout the year.

Jonathan Tukker

Sport: Football, indoor football.

Highlight: U19 New Zealand High School Football Team, U20 New Zealand Football Team First Identification Camp 2024.

Goal as sports prefect: I want to be able to help grow the popularity and standard of the sport at Otago Boys and encourage boys to push themselves to achieve their goals.

Columba College

Bella Adams

Sport: Touch, netball.

Highlight: Being part of the Columba senior A touch team that made it to the finals of the national high school tournament in Rotorua.

Goal as sports prefect: Encouraging students to participate in a wide range of sports, regardless of their age and ability.

Millie MacKenzie

Sport: Netball, basketball.

Highlight: Winning South Island high school netball and finishing fourth at the national championships.

Goal as sports prefect: I want to increase participation in physical activity at school and promote this as a way to connect with friends and have fun.

Logan Park High School

Lauren Davey

Sport: Sport climbing, basketball, badminton, tennis, multi-sport, adventure racing, cross-country.

Highlight: Attending high school climbing championships in the South Island. Our team won the girls section.

Goal as sports prefect: Helping and supporting others with exercise. I like how I can influence changes in school sports and have a voice. I especially enjoy inspiring girls to give sport climbing a try.

Trinity Catholic School

Aya Oseki

Sport: Korfball, basketball, beach handball, handball.

Highlight: Captain of the New Zealand U17 handball team for the Oceania Champions in New Caledonia.

Goal as sports prefect: Organize a variety of lunch events for our students to participate in throughout the year.

Blue Mountain College

Jack Body

Sport: Rugby, touch, cricket, tennis, volleyball, kickboxing

Highlight: Winning our grade in rugby.

Goal as sports prefect: To revive the traditional inter-house spirit that has diminished over my years at BMC. My vision is an inter-house competition that goes beyond athletics, swimming and music festivals, where all students feel they have an opportunity to participate and excel, regardless of their strengths or preferences.

Tokomairiro high school

Jacob Murray

Sport: Hockey, touch, rugby.

Highlight: Being able to travel around the country with Otago hockey to places I wouldn’t normally go.

Goal as sports prefect: Promoting competitive behavior in the sports environment to improve well-being.

Murphy Thrush

Sport: Hockey, touch, rugby, cricket, rugby/touch referees.

Highlight: Obtaining a Level 3 Touch Referee Badge.

Goal as sports prefect: Start a school squash club.

Maniototo Area School

Jack Steele

Sport: Curling, hockey, rugby.

Highlight: Just a few months ago, in January, when I competed in the Gangwon 2024 Youth Olympic Games for curling. It was an amazing experience and it still feels surreal to represent New Zealand.

Goal as sports prefect: I want to get more young players within Maniototo Area School into curling because it is a great sport with great opportunities to travel the world.

Jake Smith

Sport: Tobogganing, hockey.

Highlight: Being selected to go to South Korea to participate in the Asia FIL Luge School in Gangwon. It was very cool to compare artificial tobogganing with the natural tobogganing we have in Naseby.

Goal as sports prefect: To encourage participation and encourage enthusiasm and positivity at all sporting events.

Keisha McFadyen

Sport: Netball, cricket, hockey, indoor football, athletics.

Highlights: Otago U16 cricket, third in javelin at South Island schools.

Goal as sports prefect: To involve students in sports. I want our school to do more things together, both junior and senior, and include more lunchtime sports that involve the whole school.

Olivia Russell

Sport: To curl.

Highlights: U21 women’s team in 2022 and 2023, first NZ junior mixed doubles championship, represented NZ at the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon.

Goal as sports prefect: To involve at least 70% of our students in lunchtime sports activities, whether these are games, training sessions or a running club. I want everyone to feel involved and help them with their chosen codes to become a successful athlete.