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Football players have been suspended in France for throwing flares into the stands

Anarchy broke out this weekend in the closing minutes of Valenciennes vs. Troyes in France, when play had to be suspended in the 89th minute as the pitch became littered with illuminated flares.

What happened next was unlike anything we’ve seen before. Frustrated Troyes players began picking up the lit flares, throwing them back into the crowd and potentially creating a deadly scenario in the stands.

This all stemmed from frustration bubbling over. Troyes were a top team that competed in France’s top Ligue 1 in 2022-23 but were relegated after finishing last. It was expected that the team would once again fight for promotion, but a disastrous Ligue 2 season in 2023-2024 has now seen Troyes relegated in successive years and now move to the Championnat National.

The 1-1 draw in the 89th minute against the worst team in the competition was too much for the fans. As wrong as it is to throw lit torches onto the field, the idea of ​​throwing them back could have caused a disastrous fire – and this is where officials intervened.

Nine fans have had their season tickets revoked and are no longer allowed to attend matches. Meanwhile, four players were suspended for throwing the projectiles back at fans, although it is unclear for how long.