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Report: Patriots interview former Panthers executive Samir Suleiman on Wednesday

The Patriots have had some trouble finding people willing to interview for their head of football operations job, but they have found a few willing candidates.

Eagles director of scouting Brandon Hunt spoke to the team on Tuesday and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that former Panthers director of player negotiations and salary cap manager Samir Suleiman will meet with them on Wednesday.

Suleiman worked for the Panthers from 2020 to 2023 and previously worked for the Steelers, Rams and Jaguars with a similar focus on contract matters and football administration across all registers. His Rams tenure is best remembered for a message he left behind for a long time St. Louis Postal Service reporter Bernie Miklasz that Miklasz should tell a source for a story that is ‘not’ him a backstabberI’m a (expletive) throat cutter, and he’ll know the difference before it’s all said and done.

Scouting director Eliot Wolf has been the de facto general manager in New England since Bill Belichick’s departure and is considered the favorite for the job. There are conflicting reports about whether the Patriots have met the requirements of the Rooney Rule, but the inability to do so would explain why several other executives have passed up the opportunity to interview for a job they believe is intended is for an internal candidate.